The OOTW decision

Although the Observation of the Week, changes each week, it doesn't seem fast enough. I post the OOTW each Sunday/Monday, but as I log into iNaturalist each successive day to see what is being observed and to try to glean the best image/observation for the following week (the OOTW is always from the previous Sunday-Saturday), I find that there are a plethora of new observations that could have been the OOTW for the previous week, but will be eclipsed by even newer observations by Saturday or Sunday (when the final decision is made).

So, although some observations (many of my own, because they are out of focus) have pictures that will not rate OOTW, many more just occur at the wrong time. Unless they stand out significantly, the newer observations tend to take the prize, so to speak.

The other problem I have encountered is scale. Sometimes the photos, which are mostly taken on a smartphone, do not scale well for the size of the image we would like. For instance, The image size for the project page banner is 760x320 pixels, the social media pages generally take a square image, while most of the original images are neither.

Publicado por tomzuckerscharff tomzuckerscharff, 22 de junio de 2021