Keep up the AMAZING work!

Wow, I am so impressed by all of your hard work for the City Nature Challenge so far! We are currently holding firm in 6th place, which is totally respectable. We're also the top eastern city in the Challenge. You guys ROCK!

The Challenge goes through 11:59 pm tomorrow, so you've still got over 24 hours to make observations. The Challenge organizers will choose the winners next weekend, so you have until April 22 to get your sightings uploaded. Don't have time today or tomorrow? No problem! You can still submit them, even after the event has ended. Just be sure to get them into the system by noon on April 22 so they'll count toward our event totals.

Speaking of uploading observations... I've not yet uploaded most of the many observations I've made! I, however, am not eligible to win the local Challenge because I am organizing it, so please ignore me if I end up in one of the top three spots.

Thank you all so much for your participation in this event! I think it brings some great attention to our state and you're collecting information that is valuable to a lot of people far beyond the event. Keep up the great work!

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I am loving this project! My observations skills are being heightened as I stop and look at every living thing. I am also learning so much with the help of the identification posts. I have seen many of these species before, and now I am aware of their names and uniqueness.

This should be a part of every classroom's curriculum as it engages science, (species identification), geography (mapping), art (the color, texture and beauty in each species' design), technology (photography and data entry), and as with everything - math (as there is always something to count; scales, wings, rows, spots, leaves, legs, etc)

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