Some Special Crab Observations

It's exciting to see so many new crab species form part of this project, "Crabs of the World." We now have 1255 species, up 56 since my post just three months ago. I feel compelled to share some of the highlights, extraordinary crabs photographed expertly by a few of our 424 members:

A Nepinnotheres novaezelandiae, a first for iNaturalist, by @crispychipp in New Zealand:

An unusual Prismatopus aculeates by @ondrej-radosta in the Andaman Sea:

An artistic Scopimera inflata (Sand Bubbler) by @sea-kangaroo in Australia:

An amazing Huenia australis (Oak Leaf Crab) by @johneichler in Australia:

A magnificent Calappa gallus (Rough Box Crab) from a few years ago by @eschlogl in Papua New Guinea:

A beautiful Harrovia albolineata by @tantsusoo in Singapore:

A colorful Daranus asperses by @yeekeat on Palau Tinggi:

A very tiny crab megalops larva by @ewrunn1ng in Seattle:

A dramatic photo of unidentified Ocypodidae (Ghost and Fiddler Crabs) by @dejong in Kenya:

A very relaxed Trapezia flavopunctata (Yellow-spotted Guard Crab) by @davidr in Hawaii:

A colorfully decorated spider crab by @djscho in the Philippines:

A lanky Neodorippe callida by @budak in Singapore:

Interesting freshwater crabs found by @philkahler in the Peruvian Amazon:

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What an amazing collection of crabs. Thanks for sharing all these with us, @wendy5, and thanks to all the members who have contributed observations!

Publicado por whaichi hace 6 meses (Marca)

Thanks, @whaichi! The diversity of crabs all over the world is amazing, and the photography is impressive.

Publicado por wendy5 hace 6 meses (Marca)

Hello Wendy! Thank you very much for adding me in your list :)

Publicado por ondrej-radosta hace 6 meses (Marca)

Of course, @ondrej-radosta! You are an important person in this project, and you've posted observations of more species than anyone else!

Publicado por wendy5 hace 6 meses (Marca)

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