Diario del proyecto Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge 2020

20 de junio de 2020

Get your bioblitz observations in by midnight Sunday, June 21.

Hi everyone;
Just a reminder that the bioblitz is still open for submission of observations made between 11 - 14 June in Edmonton. After that, we'll compile the results and combine them with the observations on NatureLynx. My intent is to keep the project up here on iNat, so that if we do it another year, we can look back and compare to what we found in 2020.
I believe the observations here will continue to get updated with new identifications, and new taxonomy.

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15 de junio de 2020

almost 400 species, and the IDs keep coming in

Wow, 386 species, as of shortly after midnight tonight! Well done, Edmonton! That massive rainstorm kept me from setting up a moth sheet tonight, unfortunately. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did the past few days, wandering around with my camera. I'm pretty sure we'll get well over 400 species as observations and IDs continue to come in ove rthe next few days. If you're adding observations from the bioblitz, make sure the date is correct; only records from 11 -14 June get recorded in this project.

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14 de junio de 2020

last day for observations today, but you have until June 21 to post them

One more day to observe species in our city. The official bioblitz runs until midnight tonight, so don't forget to check your porch light for one last moth at 11:59. Your actual sightings must be before midnight June 14, but the BiodiverCity organizers are allowing another week to get them uploaded to iNaturalist, before we do the final tallies. The sooner you get them uploaded, the more likely someone else on iNaturalist can contribute to identifications. I'm continually blown away by the expertise of the worldwide iNat members, and their generosity in taking the time to share their knowledge.

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13 de junio de 2020

more perfect weather!

Great, we cracked 200 species by the end of day 2. Have a great bioblitzing weekend!

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12 de junio de 2020

over 150 species for day 1!

Good job Edmonton! Not too shabby for day 1.

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11 de junio de 2020

Post to either iNaturalist or NatureLynx but not both please

Hi all;
A few people have been asking about whether they should post to both iNaturalist and NatureLynx, and a few of you have already been posting to both. Please don't duplicate your observations - post your observations to one of them only. That will make it much easier when we combine the results later.

It's great weather for bioblitzing out there!

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06 de junio de 2020

A new project title

Hi all;
I've been given approval by the ABMI "BiodiverCity" organisers to use that name as the title of this project, and we've been recognised as part of the same overall event. So choose your app and prepare to submit your records.
Note we'll allow records to be submitted until June 21 or so, in case it takes a few days to do species IDs and upload your photos. I know that will be the case for me with some of the insects I hope to find. But all photos/observations need to have been made in the 4-day bioblitz window of June 11-14.

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04 de junio de 2020

Welcome to the Edmonton Biodiversity Challenge 2020

Hi Edmonton;
This informal challenge is to see how many nature observations and different species can be found in the city of Edmonton, during the 4-day period from June 11 - 14, 2020.
This is an iNaturalist -based informal alternative to the official "Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge", which uses a different observation recording app. I'm not trying to compete, I just wanted to be able to use iNaturalist instead, and I know there are others like me who are more comfortable with iNat.
Welcome aboard! It starts after midnight next Wednesday night (00:01 AM June 11), and goes until midnight Sunday night (24:00 June 14). Let's see what other creatures we share our city with!

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