Top Identifiers of September 2020 observations

As the number of flies on iNaturalist continues to grow, many users have stepped up to help identify more and more observations. I'd like to celebrate some of these accomplishments, focusing on recent activity. Some of these contributors have been active for years, while others have only recently begun to have a massive impact. We're all grateful for your generosity.

By state/province:
Alabama @myelaphus Alaska @muir Arizona @myelaphus Arkansas @jhousephotos California @trinaroberts Colorado @ny_wetlander Connecticut @megachile Delaware @myelaphus Florida @sauron978 Georgia @myelaphus Hawaii @phycus Idaho @kschnei Illinois @spencerpote Indiana @myelaphus Iowa @isaacwinkler Kansas @myelaphus Kentucky @myelaphus Louisiana @bradmoon Maine @trinaroberts Maryland @myelaphus Massachusetts @trinaroberts Michigan @calconey Minnesota @guidingguida Mississippi @treegrow Missouri @lfelliott Montana @trinaroberts Nebraska @myelaphus Nevada @myelaphus New Hampshire @calconey New Jersey @imacuriousjuan New Mexico @myelaphus New York @acclivity North Carolina @myelaphus North Dakota @trinaroberts Ohio @myelaphus Oklahoma @myelaphus Oregon @trinaroberts Pennsylvania @calconey Rhode Island @myelaphus South Carolina @myelaphus South Dakota @myelaphus Tennessee @myelaphus Texas @myelaphus Utah @aroe Vermont @calconey Virginia @myelaphus Washington @trinaroberts West Virginia @myelaphus Wisconsin @jeremyhussell Wyoming @myelaphus

Alberta @trinaroberts British Columbia @trinaroberts Manitoba @friesen5000 New Brunswick @jdee Newfoundland and Labrador @tom102 Northwest Territories @lrubio7 Nova Scotia @johnklymko Nunavut @ Ontario @jeremyhussell Prince Edward Island @bobharding Quebec @jeremyhussell Saskatchewan @acclivity Yukon @sydcannings

Taxa included in :
Syrphidae @trinaroberts (Toxomerini @jane41 Syrphini @trinaroberts Bacchini @trinaroberts Paragini @trinaroberts Pipizini @phycus Merodontini @trinaroberts Milesiini @trinaroberts Eristalini @acclivity Volucellini @trinaroberts Rhingiini @johnklymko Brachyopini @trinaroberts Microdontinae @edanko ) Pyrgotidae @spencerpote Calliphoridae @edanko Polleniidae @edanko

I think it might be interesting to keep trying this over the next few months to encourage identifiers and see if there are any interesting patterns. Colder winter weather should bring some changes.

Top identifiers were identified using a search as per

Publicado el 7 de octubre de 2020 15:42 por edanko edanko


Thanks for the post Even. Nice to be amongst such esteemed company!

Publicado por johnklymko hace casi 3 años

Well, that's terrifying! Thanks for the post, though. It's been fun learning and discussing these alongside you all.

Publicado por trinaroberts hace casi 3 años

Thanks for all of your work, too, Even! This is a nice summary of everyone's hard work, well done group!

Publicado por ny_wetlander hace casi 3 años

Thanks for the post! I should say that I'm only on the list because there are so many USA Asilidae posted to iNat. Regarding that taxon, I'd also say that @tristanmcknight, @quaedfliegh, and @d2b deserve a lot of recognition as well.

Publicado por myelaphus hace casi 3 años

I figured as much @myelaphus , thanks for passing along the appreciation! I would have liked to include more observation groupings here but was wary of making the whole thing just too long.

Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años

There are countless others whose cumulative identifications undoubtedly surpass those listed above.

Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años

So I'm guessing the tallied IDs I made included those outside the state, too?

Publicado por jhousephotos hace casi 3 años

If you are listed as the top identifier in a state that means that of the September-uploaded observations from that state, you made the most identifications.

Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años

I see.

Publicado por jhousephotos hace casi 3 años

Thanks for all the work you do @edanko ... and everyone else. Great community!

Publicado por jdee hace casi 3 años

Oops forgot one! Washington, D.C. @treegrow

Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años

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