Hilarimorphidae: a new family for iNaturalist!

This small brown fly, observed by @malisaspring in Ohio this July, turns out to represent a new family for iNaturalist! These are also apparently the first live photos of this family ever taken. Many thanks to Martin Hauser @phycus and Norm Woodley for their help with the identification. Distinguishing features are illustrated here.

It just goes to show that crazy new material is still turning up even in the most well-collected parts of North America on iNaturalist, and it only takes one observation!

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Publicado por edanko hace casi 3 años

Just saw this on twitter. Very cool!

Publicado por myelaphus hace casi 3 años

Wow, nice! Thanks for sharing :)

Publicado por sbushes hace casi 3 años

that's so amazing! Congratulations to @malisaspring

Publicado por carnifex hace casi 3 años


Publicado por yayemaster hace casi 3 años

Wowie wow! This is magnificent! Thanks for sharing this cool discovery.

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Publicado por spencerpote hace casi 3 años

Fantastic! And also, amazing photo, getting the features clear enough for the ID.

Publicado por trinaroberts hace casi 3 años

Very cool love the photo, super clear

Publicado por rangermyles hace casi 3 años

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