Dec 26 ID Event - Suborders of Diptera

We're happy to announce another online meeting next week! Here are the details:

The Zoom meeting will open at 4 PM EST on Sunday the 19th.

The plan is to focus on observations stuck at Diptera in the US and Canada. We'll spend most of the time individually going through observations individually while discussing questions and interesting observations.

Join the Zoom Meeting here:

Meeting ID: 715 1260 8793

Passcode: diptera

Please leave a comment either to let us know if you're planning to come or to subscribe to be notified of future events! Questions are also welcome.

Guides to use at our meeting:
Key to suborders of Diptera

What we'll be identifying:

Consider watching this video prior to joining the meeting so that you are prepared to participate:

(You can open the video in a new tab by clicking on the YouTube icon.)

Publicado el diciembre 22, 2021 03:03 MAÑANA por zdanko zdanko


Publicado por zdanko hace más de 2 años

I'll be there (barring any last-minute issues). I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again for doing these.

Publicado por navin_sasikumar hace más de 2 años

I probably won't be able to make it to this one. Hopefully next time!

Publicado por melinda_k hace más de 2 años

I won't be able to make this one, hopefully the next one :-) Thank you for your efforts!!

Publicado por ellendale hace más de 2 años

Thanks for letting me know!

Publicado por zdanko hace más de 2 años

December is usually a busy month for me, but I'll be able to start attending again come next month. Looking forward to it.

Publicado por swampass hace más de 2 años


Publicado por zdanko hace más de 2 años

I will have to pass this time.

Publicado por driftlessroots hace más de 2 años

I will try my best to attend on the 26th, but with family stuff etc. it's hard to predict. I will say that your video would be much better if the presentation just slows down a bit, it is really hard to follow as the speaking goes by so fast.

Publicado por pbedell hace más de 2 años

Yeah, seems like this week isn't great for most people, as I predicted.

I agree, it is a little fast. You can always slow it down and listen to parts multiple times, but I suppose I could change my editing style to leave for more room. Thanks!

Publicado por zdanko hace más de 2 años

I will attend. Thank you for organizing the session.

Publicado por catherine_g hace más de 2 años

Very last-minute, but I think I can make it! I may have to leave early, though.

Publicado por velodrome hace más de 2 años

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