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22 December 2014 - 8:02PM Riaan Stals

29 December 2014 - 2:33PM Outrampsjenny
Thank you Riaan.

I presume that you mean
3 January 2015 - 2:40PM Tony Rebelo
I presume that you mean "High KZN Berg".
cos Drakensberg often continues to Wolfberg in the north to Limpopo and much further south, and often includes much more "middle berg".

3 January 2015 - 2:37PM Tony Rebelo
Surprisingly few people know the difference between a mountain (-berg) and a town (-burg or -burgh - think Edinburgh).
Of course, many places have both!!

Nice one Jen
29 December 2014 - 4:42PM outramps
Some beautiful pics to start it all up

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