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14 de octubre de 2021

Coming soon - our first Great Southern Bioblitz

Atlas of Life has run many Bioblitzes in our region and across Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney Olympic Park. This year we are joining the Great Southern Bioblitz which is happening from Friday 22nd - Monday 25th October right across the southern hemishphere. There are 250 places who have signed up for this, and Bega valley and the whole Atlas of Life area from nadgee to Brown Mountain to Kiama, is taking part.

We are hoping to add many sightings and perhaps new species to our great database.

It's Springtime, the flowers are blooming and after this rain, we may find amazing orchids and fungi.

We are asking everyone to go out and walk, observe and record, either photos or audio, the things they see. All your sightings over these 4 days will be added to our Bioblitz list.

We have special hunts organised - MOTH NIGHT on Saturday 23rd - just put up a white sheet, paper or cloth, under an outside light and watch and record what comes. Different moths fly at different times of the night, so its worth looking a number of times over a number of hours.

We will be giving out PARROT PRIZES for the most interesting parrot sightings. We are particularly looking for sightings of Gang-gang cockatoos and Glossy black cockatoos - the ones with red in their tails. You don't even have to have a photo, an audio of their calls would be great, but if you see any, just record your sighting anyway, so we know where they are and can send observers to see if we can discover any nesting sites.

Try a BACKYARD BIOBLITZ in your own garden. It's amazing how many creatures you will have living in even a small area. Just now lots of flowers are blooming, so it's a great time to get lovely images of the flowers, their leaves and any pollinating insects around.

SHAKE A BUSH OR TREE. Put a light coloured cloth down and shake your plant and see what falls out.

SEA SLUG SUNDAY 24th - go for an estuary or rock pool ramble and see if you can find any beautiful nudibranchs or sea hares, or, if you are feeling brave, don your wetsuit and snorkel to see what's about.

We will have many identifiers and moderators ready to help you identify your observations.

Celebrate the Spring!

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