Invitation to join the Great Southern Bioblitz in the Overberg

It is exciting that the CNC Southern Overberg area has been extended into the larger Overberg for the upcoming Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) from 28-31 October 2022. It now more or less includes Overberg District without the Overstrand.

We invite all new GSB enthusiasts and all past Southern Overberg City Nature Challenge (CNC) members and participants to join our first GSB project in the Overberg.

But first, read the scope of this GSB project. If you want to stay informed about our future plans, then click on join to become a member. Also click on membership and select to receive project journal notifications.

Publicado el 25 de mayo de 2022 14:25 por c_brunke c_brunke


I am thrilled that finally Swellendam area will feature in the bioblitz! We are planning 3 locations, one for each day. Since we are a handful of enthusiasts, the same people will probably be doing all of them. I hope to get some schools on board!

Publicado por willeminalunae hace más de 1 año

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