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8 de julio de 2022

When experts join the platform

Thomas Mesaglio inspired many of us, ‘When experts join the iNaturalist platform they are able to identify more species accurately. Citizen scientists then begin to learn how to make identifications of those particular species. With this new knowledge, citizen scientists themselves start to make better identifications independently of the experts. They become more enthused and make more observations of those particular species, and they end up making better observations. Experts are able to say to observers which features of a particular species must be photographed and where it can be found. This improves the quality of the data as a whole, which incentivises more experts to join iNat.

A common reason for experts not engaging with the platform is that for some taxa the quality can be low and there are often misidentifications which deter experts. But, as data improves experts are more likely to join iNat, which in turn improves the data, which in turn makes more experts join. It is called the positive feedback loop – where experts join and data quality just gets better and better, and iNat data is going from strength to strength.'

Here is the link to Thomas Mesaglio’s full presentation. He also talks about how he has used iNat data for own scientific papers: https://www.greatsouthernbioblitz.org/post/thomas-mesagli-s-how-to-explore-nature-inspires-sandy-clearly-south-african

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11 de julio de 2022

Crew Overberg iNat practice sessions for GSB

Crew Overberg is using every opportunity this winter to get out in nature to practice their iNaturalist skills. ‘Spring is going to be a busy time, so we want to prepare ourselves by making the most of winter,’ says BotSoc Crew Overberg organizer Ian Fortuin.

Crew members help monitor and conserve our rare and endangered indigenous wild flowers by contributing their iNat observations to the various Projects of the South African Redlist of Plant and Animal species.

IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF CREW OVERBERG - WhatsApp Ian Fortuin on 083 357 4132.


16 JULY at 9h00, BARRYDALE
Easy botanical walk, we meet 8h30 at NG Kerk at Barrydale (RSVP Willemien 082 564 5911)

Visit the herbarium, the new learning centre and a precious piece of Renosterveld, bring snacks and drinks along (RSVP Ina 083 266 7652)

Bring a picnic lunch to share in the garden. Afterwards, we will botanize a promising area that was burned last year (RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824)

13 AUG at 9h00, KALI’S FARM
North of Baardskeerdersbos, (RSVP Vera 063 075 3333)

20 AUG at 9h00, SWELLENDAM
Botanical walk climbing up Marloth, meet at NG Kerk in Voortrek street (RSVP Willemien 082 564 5911)

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