Being Still and Silent

I am not good at sitting still, I never have been. I'm the kind of person who is always moving, "oh saw that now time to move on." is my kind of mind set but nature is slowly teaching me to be still, a silent watcher. Birds have taught me some patience which I am glad of but the whole sitting in one place thing is still difficult for me.
This past week I have been very busy but I finally took some time to just sit and watch yesterday and what I found surprised me. As I sat there a bluejay flew into pine tree and we both sat and watched each other curiously, I felt connected to it the longer I watched it until it finally flew away. It was about 76 degrees with a cloud cover and I could feel the heaviness in the air, knowing it may rain in a few days. My attention was soon drawn away from the sky to the ground where a greater bee fly hovered, I wonder what it was looking for. I then closed my eyes to allow my ears to see for me and I heard bluejays,robins, red-eyed vireo,chipmunks scolding, a hermit thrush soon joined with its ethereal flute like songs, chimney swifts twittered above as they flew through the sky. I opened up my eyes once again and turned my attention to the ground where an ant dragged a dead counter part. As I watched in fascination my bluejay swooped back into the yard, turning my eyes toward him as he scooped up a piece of bread and flew into a oak. A tiger swallowtail floated past and as I watched I wrote down in my journal how they made me think of a small bird, or a flying leaf at times when they fly high into the canopy. I already had drawn my bluejay and the ant and bee fly that I had seen. A woodpecker began drumming deep in the forest as the half hour went by. I saw a spider, goldthread, a moth, canada mayflower, a red squrriel, robin, patridge berry and sketched them as well. I noticed how I could smell rain on the air and this is what I jotted down in my little journal: " The air smells like rain. I know it is a odd thing to say but for one who spends much time outside I can sense it. I can sense the slightest change of light on my skin and tell when the sun is about to emerge from behind a cloud." A warbling vireo and Blue headed vireo soon began to sing but I had to head inside lest I be eaten alive by desperate mosquitos looking for protien so that they may lay their eggs. I did not want to be the one to provide the blood for their spawn, and did not want to have itchy wellts but some got me anyways.
Being Still and Silent has more benefits than I thought and I am striving to become better at it.

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another great post , johanna. You are a naturalist. the details and diversity of what you notice is inspiring.

Publicado por maryjb hace 9 meses (Marca)

@maryjb Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!!

Publicado por jobird hace 9 meses (Marca)

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