BioBlitz stats!

Here's a link to all the stats from the BioBlitz - up to 1264 observations & 239 species from 42 contributors at the time of this posting. Also check out the KQED article if you haven't seen it!

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This is so cool. When's the next Bioblitz for McClaren?

Publicado por jannovak hace más de 6 años (Marca)

I'm in when someone wants to organize one! Unfortunately Prime-Biodiversity time in McClaren is in Spring which is quite some time away - but maybe mushrooms and lichens would shine in a fall Bioblitz. If you want to spearhead organizing the next one here's the essential Nerds4Nature reading:

Publicado por loarie hace más de 6 años (Marca)

The next BioBlitz for McLaren is April 16th, 2016 --

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