Edmonton BiodiverCity Nature Challenge June 11-14

In case anyone is interested, there is a bioblitz going on next weekend, June 11-14, to see how many species and observations we can gather over those four days. The official observation app is NatureLynx, but I've created an iNaturalist project for the entire city, as an alternative means of participating. Any observations anywhere in the city over those 4 days will automatically be captured, including any in this Mill Creek project. If you want to see how we're doing over the course of the weekend, just look for the project "Edmonton BiodiverCity Challenge 2020" in iNat projects.

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Well done @gpohl! Have you let Jordan at ABMI know? Maybe there's a way to transfer from here to NatureLynx?

Publicado por boute135 hace 4 meses (Marca)

Hello boute135 - yes, I'm in communication with Jordan at NatureLynx - not sure if he is able to simply re-post all the iNat observations on Naturelynx, but he can certainly access them for ABMI use, and I'll facilitate that data transfer as best I can.

Publicado por gpohl hace 4 meses (Marca)

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