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28 de mayo de 2022

MnSeed collected seed is powering planting projects in St. Paul, MN

Beyond exhibiting at fairs, more in-person collection opportunities will happen later in 2022 where participants can harvest seeds at various gardens and naturalized sites in the Twin Cities. This series not only teaches the basics of seed collecting, but provides access to dozens of native plant species to expand our collective native pollinator plantings. Many of the 250,000 seeds of 67 native species that were harvested during last season's collection events are now germinating in Minnesota containers and pots for area backyard and community plantings. One St Paul community is using plants propagated with a MnSEED seed source for a right-of-way greening project called "The Bee Line". So far this campaign has used winter sowing kits to germinate 56 different native plant species! (see https://www.stephaniehankerson.com/blog/pierce-butler-meadows-2019-rundown)

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Look for MnSEED at community fairs in 2022!

Seed saving events to learn, collect, process and share native plant seed have been the hallmark of MnSEED, a community science project that connects the power of saving seeds from native plants with the gardening community and local growers in Minnesota. In April, the MnSEED project brought hands-on activities to Como Park’s Celebrate Spring event in St Paul. Likewise in May, the project participated in the Mighty Midway Spring Festival in the Hamline Midway neighborhood, also in St. Paul. Seed cleaning and seed sharing activities engaged event-goers who threshed, winnowed, and sieved plant material to yield clean seeds ready for stratifying or planting! Visitors selected seed packets at our exhibit booth, from varieties which are frequently now sold out at local nurseries. All along, lots of questions about plants, pollinators and seed how-to were offered and answered. During the 2022 summer, look for more MnSEED exhibiting at other community fairs and events such as V-FEST (https://vfestmn.com/), and the Gibbs Farm Pathways to Dakota & Pioneer Life’s Apple Festival (https://www.rchs.com/gibbs-farm/) .

You can connect to this local native plant seed-keeping cycle right now by joining MnSEED's email list , or checking out the online resources the project has collected here:

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25 de abril de 2022

MN SEED at Celebrate Spring

Find MN SEED at the Como Park Celebrate Spring event Saturday 4/30 10:30am-12:00pm. at the North Dale Recreation Center.
Join MN SEED at this family friendly event, Celebrate Spring! sponsored by District 10 Como Community Council and St Paul Parks and Recreation. Sift your own native seeds to take home in an origami seed envelope and explore seeds up close. More details are available at this link: https://district10comopark.org/sd3event/. Hope to see you there!

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MN SEED Welcomes Frogtown Green as 2022 Community Partner

New in the MN SEED Native Plant Community Science Project for 2022 is an innovative seed hub pilot program with Frogtown Green.

“ We're residents of Frogtown, St Paul's most diverse and vibrant community. We want to make Frogtown the greenest and most sustainable neighborhood in St Paul. We grow crops, plant trees, promote parks, share information, and celebrate Frogtown,
in all its green glory”

Throughout 2022 you’ll find Frogtown Green growing seed stewards from the Lilypad to Monarch City and at the Frogtown Community Center. For more information and to dig in check out their website here: https://www.frogtowngreen.com.

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22 de abril de 2022

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day and to celebrate we’re sharing our first post in the MN SEED Native Plant Community Science Project for Spring 2022. For those of you who are new MN SEED members you can find some wonderful resources to get you started at the Minnesota State Horticultural Society’s MN SEED project webpage https://northerngardener.org/mn-seed-project/. Don’t forget to click the “join MN SEED” button to receive all the latest information and MN SEED gathering dates.
It’s been an unusually cold spring here in Minnesota and many of our flora and fauna neighbors are later in appearance than in previous seasons. You can see this in the inaturalist posts shared and compare that to previous years’ phenology. But there is evidence of Spring. Maples and Willows are producing flowers and the earliest of our spring ephemera are beginning to bloom. MN SEED members are finding that migratory birds and waterfowl are looking for food sources like standing seed heads and are preparing nests. Overwintered native bees, wasps, flies and other insects are visible now too! Now is a great time to peek into your native plantings and add observations of what’s first appearing. We hope you’ll take a few moments this weekend to get out and share what you are seeing in the native plantings you are stewarding.

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03 de enero de 2022

MNSEED 2021 in Review and a New Year Wish

Happy New Year MN SEED community! We are so happy to have you along growing our knowledge of Minnesota native plants and seed to seed stewardship! Thank you for your enthusiasm, generosity, and participation in 2021. Here's a little video that sums up the impact of this community and what we can do when we grow together! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhxhos8hWhw. We want to express our deepest gratitude to Capitol Region Watershed District for supporting MN SEED Native Plant Community Science Project with a Partner Grant in 2021.
And just a reminder that many of our native plant seeds need a period of cold to break their dormancy as the season warms. Now is the perfect time to sow some of those seeds whether in the snow or using the winter sowing method. Keep posting your winter observations! Seeds are everywhere nourishing our animal neighbors and waiting to sprout when Spring arrives.

And that New Year Wish for 2022, well, here's to seeing the potential of more native plants in all our green spaces and increasing the amount of green spaces in our lives! Let's all spread this vision and enthusiasm to one other person in the coming year!

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29 de octubre de 2021

Gratitude for All the Seed Saving: Urban Roots

On Thursday Oct 14th Urban Roots (https://urbanrootsmn.org ) an amazing community partner in the Capitol Region Watershed District, hosted a seed cleaning and saving workshop at their location in the heart of the Swede Hollow neighborhood for MnSEED participants. David Woods, Urban Roots Conservation Director and Urban Roots interns threshed and sifted/winnowed seed from their stewarded prairie site and shared their best practices and tools. Thanks to MnSEEDer and Minneapolis garden connector, Vanessa VanAlstine we also got the chance to work with her custom made seed aspirator. To check out photos and video from this wonderful early evening event take a look here (https://photos.app.goo.gl/85Y59MkiHNUZfvSq9) For those MnSEEDers participating in the seed swap David will be our instructor for seed propagation on November 18th. We can't wait! Thank you so much Urban Roots and Capitol Region Watershed District for funding these wonderful opportunities to connect native seed and people!

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28 de octubre de 2021

Gratitude for All the Seed Saving: 21 Roots Farm

Sunday Oct 17th was perfect day to gather and collect seed at 21 Roots Farm (https://www.21rootsfarm.org). A place where folks with learning challenges can connect with land and agriculture. Thanks to Amy and Brittany for opening the farm to the MnSEED community, Saint Paul Garden Club members, and 21 Roots Farmers. Michelle from Forks in the Dirt (https://forksinthedirt.com) graciously joined us as well. Michelle connected all of us last year and in the seeds that were collected on that fun cold October Sunday germinated the idea that collecting and sharing native seeds in our communities should be a focus for 2021. For a look at the farm perfect day take a look at the photos, many shared by Michelle here (https://photos.app.goo.gl/wjhwJPhPD9fACsUCA)

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22 de octubre de 2021

Gratitude for All the Seed Saving: Gibbs Farm

We just wanted to take a moment to thank our community partners and highlight Gibbs Farm today. August, September and October were a whirlwind of in-person outdoor events where the MnSEED community and neighbors were able to gather, collect seed from some wonderful locations and practice the basics of seed processing. Here are some photos from our adventures at Gibbs Farm on 9/11/2021 (https://photos.app.goo.gl/9kPQfvQjapniSUy49) and then again on 9/25/2021 for Apple Fest(https://photos.app.goo.gl/eMMfR9E9aZ7qVs8X7). Our deepest gratitude to the staff and volunteers at Gibbs Farm(https://www.rchs.com/gibbs-farm/) for stewarding such a lovely and significant piece of Ramsey County and Minnesota history.

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11 de octubre de 2021

Time to submit your trades for the MN SEED Cyber Seed Swap!

After a season of identifying and collecting native seeds it is now time to start trading them.

This form (https://forms.gle/GtEEa2uJstFgQJ3ZA) will let MN SEED Cyber Seed Swappers know what species you have to share with other participants. MN SEED will send out a list of what is available from whom on October 18th to those that fill out the form. So please let us know what you have to share by October 17th. Then swappers will have from October 18th through November 12th to exchange seeds.

Please fill out the form for EACH of your seeds you want to make available. If you have a bunch there is an option to upload a spreadsheet at the bottom. Swap organizers will arrange the form submissions onto a shared list, and participants can connect individually with other swappers to make arrangements for a contactless exchange.

There is no minimum required amount of seeds or varieties needed to participate, just select the "I have no seeds to share but would like to receive seeds" option under the what you are interested in question.

Seeds do not need to be cleaned to participate, just indicate its status on the form. For quantity, a guess here is most important if you have very limited amounts so that swappers are not disappointed.

Don't forget to donate some of your unique or larger quantity seeds to your local seed library! Ask how if needed.

On November 12th we will be sending up a follow-up survey that you will need to respond to by the 16th to get the promo code to attend the "Growing Natives from Seed" webinar for Free (happening on November 18th at 6:30 pm - a recording will also be available if that day/time doesn't work for you).

If you have further questions, please contact mnseed@northerngardener.org
Happy Trading!

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