Happy New Year 2021

If you're like me, the start of a year is a good time for all sorts of house keeping things, like new folders on the computer, possibly a new desk calendar, or a new box for paper docs...

It's also a good time to look if any of your iNat IDs have Maverick status and to resolve mis-identifications.

There's a handy link to check on this:


All you need to do is replace andreacala with your own user ID.

I had three, two concerning Susan's observations plus one other.


As to a theme for the month of January, I'd love it if "marine life" would continue. There will be low tides in about ten days that are during daytime hours, Susan is on a roll as to nudibranches, we may find a dock...

There's no rain on the horizon for the first half of January, so fungi, lichens, mosses etc. will have to wait a bit, unfortunately.

But maybe one of you has a brilliant idea?

Hugs all around!

Publicado por andreacala andreacala, 01 de enero de 2021


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