January 2, 2021

Jan 2nd, 2021 - Southern Sector
Saturday 9:08-11:20 am: 17 dead newts found, no live newts
Weather - overcast/partial sun. Very light sprinkle for 2-3 min.

I documented 17 dead newts, no juveniles. Most of them were very fresh, others were a bit more weathered, one the color of mud. 12 of the observations were made on the uphill side of the road, 5 on the reservoir side.
Other roadkills: 1 skunk and a banana slug.
Coverage: Southern sector - the Aldercroft Heights to the second stop sign.
Fairly light traffic, when compared to the northern sector - Traffic: 23 cars ( including 2 Ranger trucks, 2 HTH Biologists, 5 bikes, 7 pedestrians, and 2 cars parked by the road.

*Edited to fix date.

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@joescience1, thanks for these field notes. Did you happen to get pictures of the skunk & banana slug? If not, you could create observations with no pictures and we can add it to the Other Roadkill project. @merav is tracking the stats for roadkill other than newts at Lexington. Here's that project:

Just curious... is the skunk the same as the one @anudibranchmom found a month ago? If so, it's very interesting that it's still there on the road. Here's Robin's skunk:

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depending on how accurate our location fixing is... it is likely they are the same skunk. the individual i observed was on the uphill side of the road just a couple hundred yards from the junction @aldercroft heights road. as seen, my observation is much flatter and decomposed.

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Yes, it’s the same skunk.

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