Jan 2, 2021 - North Side

Conducted survey of North side 08:10 am-10:23 am. Weather was 49F, cloudy with a light drizzle. Rain MTD 0.14 in, YTD 3.29 in per http://www.weathercat.net/wxraindetail.php
Coverage: north part - the county park parking lot till the second stop sign.

Documented 20 dead newts, 1 of which seemed like a juvenile. No live newts observed.

3 dead newts was observed in HTH survey location (Note I have attached another pic in the observation in the style Merav requested, also in the image it mentions which study site it was)

Other documented roadkill: None observed.

Documented human activity:
Moving Cars: 48
Pedestrian: 20
Bikes: 1
Trucks: 0
Parked cars: 23

Notes: I documented dead newts in the study sites on both sides of the road before the HTH team removed it. When I was returning, I met them at one of the sites(site# 3) and the number of dead newts they found on those sites matched the number I had documented. They also said it was strange that they did not see any live newts in their pitfall traps today.(For sites 1 through 3)

A link to all my observations:

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