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12 de noviembre de 2015

Vocal Profiles of the Galagidae

By Yvonne de Jong, Simon Bearder, Tom Butynski & Andy Perkin,

Bushbabies or galagos make structurally distinct calls in three main contexts: 1) social cohesion; 2) anxiety and alarm; 3) agonistic contact. Up to 25 calls have been identified in the best-studied species, but many of these are rarely heard or relatively quiet, making them difficult to record. For this reason we make a distinction between the vocal repertoire (all the calls made by each species) and the vocal profile (a set of the most common structurally distinct call types). Species can be distinguished by a unique vocal profile, with at least one or two call types that are not given by other species. One call type, the vocal advertisement (VA), is given both by males and females to attract companions and to repel rivals. This call is particularly loud and useful in distinguishing species and is listed first in each profile.

To listen to the vocal profiles please go to:

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