New expansion of El Silencio! - Nueva expansión de El Silencio!

We are very happy to announce that our campaign with This Is My Earth was a success (! By the end of 2019 we raised enough money to buy and safeguard very important patches of forest in a neighboring farm (see map above). Blue-billed curassow, brown spider monkeys, jaguars and these greater grison ( have been seen in these forest patches. We will make sure the patches become well connected with the forests of El Silencio so that the animals can travel safely to and from those patches without exposing themselves in the deforested areas. By preserving the forest we also preserve plant, reptile, amphibian, fungi and invertebrate biodiversity that is fundamental for the ecosystems, as well as prevent CO2 emissions, soil degradation and ...más ↓

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This project is for documenting the biodiversity in and around the El Silencio Natural Reserve of Fundacion Biodiversa Colombia (

Visit for a great overview of what we do and ...más ↓

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