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20 de junio de 2018

On to 1000! and July Observation Challenge

Nine hundred fifty-six!!! At the time this post was written, iNat users, who have participated in the Runge Biodiversity Project, have detected 956 species of plants, animals, and fungi at the Runge Conservation Nature Center. Join us as we explore the living things that call Runge home, and attempt to reach our goal of observing 1000 species.

Thank you to all who participated in our Monarch Mania Observation Challenge on June 9th. Four iNat users participated, giving us insight into what pollinators and flowering plants were present during the event. Observations included bees, beetles, and butterflies, including monarch, great spangled fritilary, hackberry emperor, and the rare swamp metalmark. We will be continuing with this Observation Challenge throughout the rest of June and July. Make five pollinator or flowering plant observations using the iNaturalist app, then add those observations to the the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Once you have made five observations stop at the front desk, share your observations with our Runge staff, and receive a free Peterson's First Guide to Butterflies and Moths and a miniature butterfly net.

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