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04 de septiembre de 2018

Colors of the Fall - iNat Challenge

Fall is quickly approaching, and with it comes change. These changes may be as subtle as a squirrel shifting its behavior from rearing young to caching food, or as obvious as waterfowl migrating for the winter. Of course, the most famous change of all may be the transition of a tree's green, summer foliage to shades of red, yellow, orange, purple, and brown. This transformation is what has inspired our "Colors of the Fall - iNat Challenge." We would like to encourage iNat users to get out and observe the colors of the fall. Make five observations of five different species showing off their fall colors using the iNaturalist app or website, and then add those observations to the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Feel free to include things other than the changing foliage, observe the yellow of an ashy sunflower, the purple of a New England aster, the orange in the wings of a migrating monarch, or the iridescent red gorget of a hummingbird. After uploading your observation stop at the front desk of the nature center and receive a free Petersen First Guide and a miniature plant press (perfect for starting a scientific plant collection). Fall is full of change, get out, explore, and observe.

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