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28 de noviembre de 2018

Winter Wildlife - iNat Challenge

According to my calendar, winter does not officially begin until December 21st, but its presence can already be felt. The leaves have fallen from the trees, snow showers appear more frequently, and the natural world seems dormant. Observing warm season animals such as reptiles, amphibians, and insects proves difficult, and identifying dried up plants and leaf-less trees may be nearly impossible. However, there are still signs of life. Animals, such as many mammals and birds, can't help but leave evidence of their presence behind during the winter. We can study their tracks, feathers, scat, and other sign to unfold the creature mysteries around us.

This "creature sign" is what has inspired our winter observation challenge. Make three observations of three different species, or the sign they leave behind, using the iNaturalist app or website, then add those observations to the "Runge Biodiversity Project" before uploading. Feel free to include things other than wildlife, such as dormant plants. Make sure to show as much evidence as possible by including things such as bark, buds, fruits, fallen leaves, or any other unusual characteristic. After uploading your observations stop at the front desk of the nature center and receive a free field guide and an animal track bandanna. Winter is still full of life, get out, explore, and observe.

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