Help us relocate February collections from the past!

Each month, we're combing through the California Academy of Sciences collections to post the locations of plants collected the same month from the past. We need your help to relocate them! Here's how it works - pick a place to revisit by choosing one of the red circular markers from the map and learn about the specimen you're attempting to relocate. Head for the location and do your best to find the plant. If you can, take an observation and make sure to fill out the Target Specimen Number field with the Global Unique Identifier for the specimen and enter yes in the Target Relocated field. If you can't find the plant, take an observation of another plant or animal you found at that spot instead. Enter the 'target specimen number' you were searching for along with no for 'target relocated'. Along the way, take as many other observations you can to help us document San Francisco biodiversity!

Ideally, write a journal post describing your expedition. You can read one of mine here about my attempt to relocate a fragrant fritillary collected 123 years ago to the day. This population is most likely extinct, but I documented 15 other plants I found in its place!

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Do more of these! It's like a treasure hunt.

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