The second Kespukwitk competition starts on Sept 18th!

This year the Kespukwitk Municipal iNaturalist Competition will run for 2 weeks. This should provide lots of time for people to get out and participate! Observations of wildlife may be recorded starting on Saturday Sept 18th up until midnight Sunday Sept 26th. Observations, photos and/or sound recordings of wildlife recorded during this time period must be uploaded to iNat by midnight Sunday October 3rd. Please upload observations as soon as you can as this will give identifiers more time to suggest species names. On Wednesday October 6th the final results will be announced. (More information on prizes to follow.)

Each municipal area (or county) participating in this competition has its own iNat project page where local information may be posted. To reach these individual projects simply click on the umbrella project’s leaderboard entry. The umbrella project page will host content relevant to all groups and this year’s competition – we recommend that all participants JOIN this project. Joining is simple and it means that you will be automatically notified when new content has been added to this project page. Join this iNat project today and stay up to date!

This competition starts soon. Are you ready? Cameras ready? Help highlight the biodiversity in your area and/or consider exploring other areas within the region of Kespukwitk. How many observations can you post over the two-week period? How species will you observe?

To browse the observations posted last year (2020) and view the leaderboard click here.

Best of luck to all in this year's competition!

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Many iNatters across the province were able to get out and participate in the 1st bioblitz held last September. Hopefully they will all participate again this year and bring along a few friends and/or help spread the word to get out and explore this part of our province.
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