Reports and Photos Needed of Common Vermont Turtles

Despite twenty years of gathering data on Vermont's reptiles and amphibians, the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas still shows distribution gaps for our two most common turtle species: Snapping Turtle and Painted Turtle. We need new or updated photos of Snapping Turtles from 69 Vermont towns and photos of Painted Turtles from 74 towns. These species may be genuinely rare or even missing from some of our higher mountain towns, but in many cases the lack of reports is more likely the result of these species being so common that people don't think a report would be useful. You can view a list of towns from which we need photos for these two species at At this time of year, many female turtles are traveling into the uplands in search of egg-laying sites. It is a good time to be on the look out for them. Of course, we can use reports of many other common and rare reptiles and amphibians as well. To search the complete list by town or species, visit
--Jim Andrews

Note: Every quarter we share all of the reptile and amphibian reports on iNaturalist Vermont with the Vermont Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. We encourage you to get out there and help document all the amphibians and reptiles you can with photographs or sound recordings and share them here at iNaturalist Vermont.

Posted on 05 de junio de 2014 by kpmcfarland kpmcfarland


The Atlas has a cool searchable database of species that need documentation that you can filter by species and town.

Publicado por rpayne hace casi 9 años (Marca)

I JUST posted a pic of one onto the project. Was spotted on the 4th, in Bristol.

Publicado por rebelgirl73 hace casi 9 años (Marca)

Both Painted and Snappers are found in Symes Pond, Ryegate - difficult so far to get clear photos but I did see the snapper take down a large grey bird, possibly a heron? Do you want the posting without photos???

Publicado por libbyhillhouse hace casi 9 años (Marca)

post without photos are fine. But the gold standard is with photos for sure.

Publicado por kpmcfarland hace casi 9 años (Marca)

snapper taking out a heron? I don't doubt it could do so but it must be rare... that's something to see!

Publicado por charlie hace casi 9 años (Marca)

do the sightings have to be this year?

Publicado por andreerenosanborn hace casi 9 años (Marca)

No, they don't.

Publicado por rpayne hace casi 9 años (Marca)

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