One last article about species lists/filters.

As mentioned in previous posts this iNat project will not include all taxa that are marine and a few of the groups selected will include species that are not marine. This is ok – this overall objective of this one-week project is to raise awareness of iNat and to encourage beach walkers, divers, ecotourists, and people working or playing on the water to share their observations. Existing iNatters are encouraged to get out and explore coastal areas as an Oceans Week activity. If participants don’t live close to an ocean, then they are encouraged to explore a local river or lake or look for snails and slugs in their garden. Click here to view a Facebook post promoting the oceans week iNat project.

A proper iNat project that includes a very lengthy list of marine species as criteria does exist. Click here to view the Worldwide Marine Life iNat project.

It will be interesting to review/compare content in the two projects at the end of the week.

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