Detalles de taxonomia para Lúpulo Japonés (Humulus scandens)

Relación: Coinciden

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Especie Humulus scandens (padre: Género Humulus) Coinciden Especie Humulus scandens (padre: Género Humulus)

From Flora of North America: "The disposition of the name Humulus scandens (Loureiro) Merrill, based on Antidesma scandens Loureiro, is problematic. E. D. Merrill (1935) was convinced that the name A . scandens applied to the species Humulus japonicus . If Merrill was correct, then the combination Humulus scandens would have priority. The material described by Loureiro, however, was not preserved, and his description does not coincide with that of H . japonicus . Humulus scandens is not included in synonymy in this treatment."

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