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Oeosporangium acrosticum is not accepted by:
Govaerts, R., Nic Lughadha, E., Black, N., Turner, R. & Paton, A. (2021). The World Checklist of Vascular Plants, a continuously updated resource for exploring global plant diversity. Scientific Data 8: 215. [Cited as Hemionitis acrostica.]

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Is this swap indicative of an effort to merge all species in subfamily Cheilanthoideae into a single genus, Hemionitis? If so a lot of people are going to find it to be a major step backwards. I don’t believe this should proceed without a major discussion and broad agreement.

Publicado por eralverson hace 5 meses (Marca)

For sure !
Other problem : if this species is included within Hemionitis, then related ones (hispanica, tinaei, maderensie, etc.), should be also...

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Publicado por eralverson hace 5 meses (Marca)

Yes, I think this would be a very bad idea. It's not just hispanica, etc., that would need to be put into Hemionitis, but all cheilanthoids (which is what POWO does)--Pellaea, Pentagramma, Cheilanthes, Notholaena, Adiantopsis, Doryopteris, etc etc -- they would all have to be Hemionitis. In this situation, and in others, POWO is greatly out of step with the bulk of the pteridological community (which is why ferns on iNat don't follow POWO in general). @choess will better understand the situation.

Publicado por crothfels hace 5 meses (Marca)

Hemionitis sensu POWO would contain 450 species. I would prefer the current taxonomic concept with smaller generic. units.

Publicado por ralf_jahn hace 5 meses (Marca)

I am sorry about the taxon swap. I thought POWO was generally up to date in terms of fern taxonomy. How can I revert the change?

Publicado por konstakal hace 5 meses (Marca)

I am not sure that we can undo the swap. Maybe yourself ? But I don't know how... (but at least, it will be easy to do the exact reverse swap)
@bouteloua any idea ?

Publicado por abounabat hace 5 meses (Marca)

Only staff can reverse taxon changes. You can reach them at

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Publicado por abounabat hace 5 meses (Marca)

@choess Chris, this unfortunate change, again provoked by "POWO" should be undone to harmonize with a usable and logic concept.
I preferred a solution which blocked likewise taxon changes without the essential knowledge of the whole group and it's current taxonomy.
Again, as such alterations increased in numbers, i quitted to curate taxa a while ago, "too many cooks will spoil the meal = taxonomy" !

Publicado por erwin_pteridophilos hace 4 meses (Marca)

Agreed. Did anyone contact staff about rolling this back? If not, I could do a swap reversing it but that might be a little burdensome on the system.

Publicado por choess hace 4 meses (Marca)

I think nobody contacted them. @konstakal ?

Publicado por abounabat hace 4 meses (Marca)

I have already emailed the about this issue. You have to be a little more patient! Again, sorry for the inconvenience. Plant systematics is pure chaos; every database follows a different taxonomy, and this is something you do not ever encounter in animal taxonomy. I wonder why that is..

Publicado por konstakal hace 4 meses (Marca)

Maybe because :

for vertebrates, there are a lot of people deeply studying few animal species, that the debate reach consensus quickly and databases follow ;
for invertebrate, there a so few people studying a so much lot of species, that all databases follow the only study available once per decade or century ;
for plants, the situation is intermediate (more or less people for more or less species, depends on families and geography) and above all the frequent polyploidy really gives more complexity to the taxonomic issue !

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Update: I got reply saying that I should mention @loarie and he can probably revert the change!

Publicado por konstakal hace 4 meses (Marca)

I have manually swapped this back.

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