Taxonomic Swap 125424 (Guardado el 08/05/2023)

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POWO lists V. pallens as a synonym of V. palustris var. palustris (based on the ID of the type), but "V. pallens" and "V. macloskeyi var. pallens" as IDs have been widely used to mean what is currently meant by "V. minuscula". This change reflects that (actual) usage.

Plants ID'd as "V. macloskeyi" (without a variety designated) in eastern North America presumably also refer to V. minuscula - that will be handled in another taxon change.

POWO (Referencia)
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Is the swap for ssp. pallens also going to be into V. minuscula?

Publicado por rynxs hace 5 meses

thanks! oops! - I'll commit only after I move those.

Publicado por ddennism hace 5 meses

Nice, thanks

Publicado por wildlander hace 5 meses

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