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What's happening here? Has Dicerothamnus somehow become accepted? Or is the name forced upon us by botanical mafia?
Recall this:

Publicado por beetledude hace 10 meses (Marca)

This revision of the genus Elytropappus confirms earlier views that there are three distinct groups represented in the genus.
This paper formalizes the three groups and describes two new genera, as well as two new species identified during the study. Dicerothamnus is described for D. rhinocerotis and D. adpressus, and Myrovernix for M. longifolius, M. intricata, M. gnaphaloides, M. scaber and M. glandulosus. In the original genus (including the type species, Elytropappus hispidus), two new species, Elytropappus aridus and E. monticola, are described. Morphological characters supporting this new classification are discussed and illustrated.

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I seem to have an extra name, but cannot find the synonym or parent.

Publicado por tonyrebelo hace 10 meses (Marca)

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