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Index of Orobanchaceae (Referencia)
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Publicado por blue_celery hace 16 días (Marca)

For now I will say leave it as Orobanche. None of the taxonomy sites used by iNaturalist list Phelipanche. We can always update once they accept the change.

Publicado por todd_boland hace 15 días (Marca)

users have decided to use the genus Phelipanche with plants that have a bractlets on the calyx. It is well supported by the latest literature as well as this treatment is adopted almost everywhere where Phelipanche is reported.
You can read something here but, if needed, I can provide additional literature

Publicado por blue_celery hace 14 días (Marca)

I have seen Orobanche nowackiana listed as a synonym of Phelipanche nowackiana but not O. rechingeri. Can you please provide support for this particular synonym.

Publicado por todd_boland hace 14 días (Marca)

They are supposed to be the same.
Here it is the reference for tribe Orobancheae:

here the treatment of P. nowackiana/O. rechingeri:

Publicado por blue_celery hace 13 días (Marca)

Thanks....go ahead and swap. I saw this broomrape next to Bornmuellera on a serpentine outcrop...exactly the habitat of this broomrape. Good timing in the visit.

Publicado por todd_boland hace 12 días (Marca)

it's the first observation in iNat!

Publicado por blue_celery hace 11 días (Marca)

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