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"J.J. Roemer and J.A. Schultes established the genus Adenium in 1819 and up to 12 species have been described. In the most recent revision by Plazier, only five species are recognized. The genus name is derived from the vernacular name for Adenium obesum, namely Oddaeyn, or "from Aden", where A. obesum was first collected. J.F. Klotzsch described A. multiflorum in 1861 from material collected in Mozambique. The Latin specific epithet refers to the multitude of flowers produced by this plant. In earlier revisions, L.E. Codd considered A. multiflorum as a variety while G.D. Rowley considered it a subspecies of a very closely related but more northerly distributed species, A. obesum. In the latest revision, it was raised to species level again". - Bester (2004)

Adenium multiflorum Klotzsch (SANBI) (Referencia)
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@bouteloua I suspect that Adenium obesum multiflorum represents a junior synonym of Adenium multiflorum, rather than its current parent taxon. This is admittedly speculative because the POWO lists no synonyms for A. multiflorum.

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looks right

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