Zach DuFran

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I love nature.

At various times I have been obsessed with tropical fish (general freshwater and African cichlids), aquatic plants, tropical plants (primarily Aroids and Orchids), fossil collecting, and birding. My current passion is moths and I manage the Moths of Oklahoma project. Throughout my various phases I have enjoyed photographing and learning names of what I see (latin and common), and bringing people together with similar passions.

I am a big advocate for creating healthy ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity.

I also love traveling and reading. I spend a considerable amount of time reading non-fiction related to nature and history of natural sciences. I like sharing what I learn with my kids and getting them involved outdoors and appreciating nature.

I have a MS in Meteorology and I am a software developer at the National Weather Service's Radar Operations Center.

Feel free to contact me at zdufran at gmail dot com

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