Observations/Identifications within a taxon and a certain place

How to view all species that I IDENTIFIED within a higher taxon (e.g. Salticidae) in a certain location (e.g. the whole world)

This list is based on the community ID and not my ID


How to view all species that I OBSERVED within a higher taxon (e.g. Salticidae) in a certain location (e.g. the whole world)


place_id=7207 (Germany)
place_id=6973 (Italy)
place_id=67952 (Europe)
place_id=any (World)

Finding all my obs without photos:

photos=true shows all obs with photos

Compare distribution of several species on one map

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@odessa13 This journal entry was just meant to be for myself, to have a place to save those links because it's a nice way to get a quick overview about all the species I observed within a certain taxon. (I first wanted to send myself a private message with those links, but unfortunately I can't send myself private messages).

Those links work for everyone else as well, though. Just exchange the "user_id=" with another user's name. And if you want to see the data for another taxon, change the "taxon_id=".

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