TAW Devine Lake April 2016

April 2, 2016
Devine Lake Park, Leander, Williamson Co., TX

Monitoring for calls began at 7:51 p.m. (sunset) and continued for one hour.

At 7:51 Blanchard's Cricket Frogs (Acris crepitans) called at CI=2. They were also seen jumping in lake from shore. Sound recording posted on iNaturalist. Air temperature was 62 degrees F.

At 8:04 p.m. American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) called at call index 1. Sound recording did not produce a clear recording as there was too much background noise and frogs were at a distance.

At 8:19 p.m. Rio Grande Leopard Frog (Rana berlandieri) called at CI=1; and Blanchard's Cricket Frog (Acris crepitans) called at CI=3. Air temperature was 53 degrees F.

At 8:51 p.m.. Rio Grande Leopard Frog at CI=1 and Blanchard's Cricket Frog at CI=3. Air temperature was 52 degrees F.

At the end of the final monitoring hour a Rio Grand Leopard Frog was found. Pictures were taken and posted to iNaturalist. Only 1 frog was seen.

Recordings/links from Kathy Mc for the same night:
Cope's Gray Treefrog (CI = 1) and Rio Grande Leopard Frog (CI = 2) from Friday night is:
The link to my recording of Northern Cricket Frogs (CI = 3) from Friday night is:

The links to my iNat observations from Friday night are:

The lake was much above average and the water temperature was 68 degrees Fahrenheit at sunset. The sky was clear; no wind at frog level and the relative humidity was 48%. Background noise was a factor early in the monitoring period. A total of 4 volunteers and the site manager (total of 5) were in attendance.

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Very interesting that you heard a bullfrog. I have heard one a handful of times over the years at Lake Creek Trail, but we've never heard or seen one during an Amphibian Watch evening.

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