It is the little things that matter

The conservation of pollinators underscores broader ethical considerations regarding humanity's connection with nature. Pollinators are sentient beings capable of experiencing pleasure, pain, and suffering and, they merit ethical regard and empathetic care. Prioritizing pollinator conservation upholds environmental ethics, fosters reverence for non-human existence, and nurtures a balanced coexistence between humans and the wider ecosystem.

When valuing the intrinsic significance of the natural world, conserving pollinators becomes imperative for biodiversity, ecosystem integrity, and acknowledging the interconnectedness of species. Acknowledging the deep value of pollinator species and their ecological functions enhances our understanding of the planet's beauty, intricacy, and variety, motivating a shared dedication to safeguard and preserve the environment for generations to come.

Our bioblitz started today. Please join. Have fun. Remember to take time and observe and encourage others to join.
MAY 17, 2024 - MAY 23, 2024

It is not just about bees.

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