SF Bay Harmful Algae Bloom data access request


Thanks so much for helping track the effects of the SF Bay Harmful Algal Bloom
If you are being @ below it means that you have observations about the SF Algal Bloom that the California Department of Fish and Wildlife would like to use.

iNat auto-obscures white and green sturgeon observations since they are threatened species in the SF Bay and delta system and CDFW is very interested in understanding the effects of this bloom on them.

Please share your locations by joining the project:

click the cog wheel next to "Your Membership"
Trust this project with hidden coordinates?
= Yes, for any of my observations

Your observation gps location will only be visible to administrators of the project, which are me and 3 people from the iNat team.

If you don't want to share your data in this way, I respect that too, just let me know you are choosing not to share it.

Thanks once again for your help in understanding the effect of this harmful algal bloom


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