January 2020

Happy New Year to everyone. My trusted old Galaxy Note 4 phone with its 16MP camera died about a week ago. This past Sunday was my first hike on Mt. Tam without any type of camera in... decades! I was thinking back about this - prior to having smartphones was the era when I would sometimes go up there with a Canon PowerShot camera. I think I had an S30 and then later an S40. I am actually finding not having a mobile phone to be liberating. I'm lucky that I'm old enough to remember when that was simply normal. Not having a mobile phone is giving me an odd sense of deja vu this past week.

I was in Northeast Ohio for two weeks in mid-December and attempted to make some observations in the cold which was difficult because my fingers would quickly start to hurt when taking the gloves off to take pictures. However on one walk with my cousin I did manage to make quite a few observations one of which included an Eastern Hemlock tree which was interesting because its needles reminded me a lot of Sequoia sempervirens. I researched this and though they are both in the Pinales order, they are in different families.

People may have noticed that I "liked" some observations that people have made in southern Alaska. I am very intrigued about the climate of the immediate coastal zones along the Pacific coast in places like Ketchikan and it fascinates me that some plants that can be found growing along the coast around San Francisco can also be found thousands of miles to the north. There are parts of coastal Alaska that rarely go below freezing even in the winter. It's funny because right after researching this, when I was in Ohio the same cousin who went with me on the hike said she is going to Alaska this coming Summer.

About a week ago I was near Marshall's beach and observed a stachys - I think this was the first stachys I've seen down there and it was exciting to see it. Unfortunately my phone died before I had a chance to upload the observation. I think that I have managed to save the iNaturalist application data so that I can restore it to a new phone and upload the observations.

My plan is to get an LG G5 phone which also has a 16MP camera which is rated highly. Unlike many if not most phones nowadays the G5 has a replaceable battery. I tend to burn through batteries quickly due to the number of pictures I take and not being able to replace the battery is a major drawback.

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