Bluegill X Green sunfish hybrid AKA Greengill

I would like to address that the photo of the fish associated with post is in fact a hybrid. I can tell it is a hybrid to pattern of the fish being a combination of both a bluegill ( Lepomis macrochirus) and a Green sunfish ( Lepomis cyanellus), with the vertical stripes of the Bluegill having the spot colors of the Green sunfish. The head is more proportionate to that of bluegill rather than a pure Green sunfish. The spiny dorsal fin is longer and has less spines than a typical Green sunfish. The general body shape is similar to that of bluegill. In conclusion this fish is very likely a hybrid of a Green sunfish and Bluegill considering these two fish are the most common species within the pond the fish was caught.

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Junio 2020


This is a Bluegill X Green sunfish hybrid. Caught in Howard County, MD.

Side note: I propose the common name of the hybrid should be Greengill.

Update: Greengill sunfish / Bluegill x Green sunfish is now an option.



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