slime molds this weekend?

Someone from KQED just contacted me about finding some slime molds to film in the Bay Area this weekend. Anyone out there know of good spots / want to lead them around? @ang, @damontighe, @moonlittrails, looking in your direction...

Publicado el febrero 20, 2016 01:49 MAÑANA por kueda kueda


CORRECTION: this will be to film on Monday.

Publicado por kueda hace alrededor de 8 años

If it was this weekend I could help out - Joaquin Miller seems to be popping still. If they don't need them in situ, I have a few in fridge-u

Publicado por damontighe hace alrededor de 8 años

Hm, I haven't really been out much lately, but Joaquin Miller did have Ceratiomyxa all over the place a few weeks ago.

Publicado por ang hace alrededor de 8 años

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