Purple Martin Banding

Thanks to the Delaware Nature Society, I was able to spend a morning in the field a couple weeks ago learning about bird banding and purple martins. The experts let me take pictures and help out.

These are the purple martin houses. The set of houses on the left is in the process of being lowered to the ground so we can access them.
Purple martin houses

The circular cap on the side twists off so humans can check on the nests. Individual houses are removable so we can bring them over to the bird banding table.
Circular cap

We remove nestlings one at a time, and return them all once we're done.
Remove from the nest

Since we're taking the birds out of the nest, it's a good opportunity to check on their physical condition.
Check physical condition

Looking for parasites is an important part of the checkup.
Looking for parasites

Here's one of the martins that was ready for an identification band.
ID band

Once the birds are all done, they go back in the nest.
Back in the nest

We checked on but didn't disturb these recently hatched martins (and one egg).
Recently hatched

Learn more: Delaware Nature Society’s Bird Banding Project

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Awesome Melinda!! Thanks for sharing :) - Katie Bird

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