Fixing the Calendar - by doing absolutely nothing.

The Calendar the modern world uses is ten days off the mark.


This is true.

If January 1st of the Calendar is meant to mark the beginning of the new celestial year, then the Calendar is 10 days off the mark.

The new Celestial Year begins on what is now December 21st. You may recognize this as the Winter Solstice.

To align the modern Calendar with the Winter Solstice all that has to be done is absolutely nothing for 40 years. By "absolutely nothing" I mean that we have to ignore Leap Years for ten cycles of Leap Years, and since a Leap Year happens every 4 years, that tallies up to 40 years.

If we do this, then in 40 years the modern calendar's January 1st will coincide with the Winter Solstice.

That's not all!

After said 40 years of doing nothing except ignoring Leap Years, the Celestial Seasons of the year will be conveniently marked by blocks of three months.

Winter = January, February, March

  • equinox

Spring = April, May, June

  • solstice

Summer = July, August, September

  • equinox

Autumn = October, November, December

  • solstice

And, the beginning and end of each Season would be marked by a Solstice or an Equinox. At present the modern calendar has the solstices and equinoxes lost amongst the days of the months, instead of the solstices and equinoxes punctuating the beginning and end of seasons at the beginnings and ends of months.

So, by doing absolutely nothing for 40 years we can adjust our modern calendar to the actual seasons of the year and the Earth's orbit around the sun. Isn't that what the Calendar was invented for?

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