Morgan Territory - 4/7/2021

Thought I'd check out the burned area at Morgan Territory today. Going along the outer eastern trails (Miwok, Manzanita, Valley View...) takes you through quite a bit, and I'm glad they've opened it to the public.

Some areas look like they burned more intensely, like on rocky hills, other areas seem to have had a lighter burn in the understory, where many oaks are burned on the bottom, but leafing out otherwise. Some areas of burned understory are pretty green, with a lot of non-native grasses, miner's lettuce, Plectritis and white Nemophila, as well as some blue dicks and several types of clover, and others in smaller numbers.

One of the very bare, rocky hills was interesting, where there were quite a few death camas (Toxicoscordion) brightening up the scorched earth. Otherwise, I didn't see any notably interesting fire-followers, like I had hoped.

Outside of the burned areas, there was a lot of green, with enough patches of flowers to keep it interesting. Plectritis still was a dominant plant, along with white Nemophila. There were some nice small swaths of Triphysaria, goldfields and Plantago erecta in open grassy areas, and CA buttercups in shadier places. There was significantly less Triphysaria and goldfields than several years ago when I was here very early April. Could just be later this year, or of course the lack of rain.

Oaks were mostly leafing out, with that electric green that I love. Very windy on the side facing Mt Diablo.

I'd like to go back in a couple of weeks.

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