Baby Owl! - 5/28/2021

The Western Screech Owls made another one! I'm so happy, after so much drama last near for naught but an empty nest. One offspring, who started out tentatively looking out of the box late in the day, and has gotten significantly more active each day. Momma spends much of each day in the box hole, we're guessing to plug it up so the baby doesn't bolt or get molested by crows or squirrels.

The past couple of nights, Momma has left the nest a bit early and hung out nearby in the Oak, keeping watch on the box and occasionally calling to Junior. Other birds give her shit for a while, and after they've settled down, Momma goes off, seemingly to hunt. Tonight she returned with a lizard for Baby Owl, which bums me out, since I've been thrilled that the lizards have been thriving in the yard, more this year than last, and I hope that the owls don't eat too many. Eat rodents instead! Please! Here's a video of her with the lizard, taken in very low light.

Meanwhile, Baby Owl eventually pokes out and has a good, long look around, often while bobbing around, getting their groove on. Here's a video of that, and if you listen you'll hear Momma calling once or twice. They keep looking like they want to leave, but haven't yet, at least when I've been watching. Then of course it gets too dark to see, and I hope all is well for the night.

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