Anemone bioblitz at Lake Alan Henry

I'm planning on being at Lake Alan Henry north of Post, TX this coming Saturday. I'll spend the night and leave Sunday. Being so early in the season, there won't be a lot of diversity, but my goal is to search for Anemones which only bloom in March/early April. But I'll be scoping the place out for a possible future bioblitz.

Anyone wishing to join me in the search for Anemones is welcome to come. Post here and/or send me a private message with a description of your vehicle (required by the on-site biologist so that she knows who's out there).

I have access to the restricted wildlife area north of the dam (permit required), and there is a camping area on the lake not far from there. Maps:

Observations made Saturday:

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Just tagging a few folks...not omitting anyone on purpose, so don't feel offended! Anyone with the time and interest is welcome.

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If I want to look for them closer to me (I live in the big thicket), what sort of habitat should I look in?

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@lappelbaum, in east TX, you'll find two species A. berlandieri and caroliniana. The former can be found pretty much anywhere (lawns, cemeteries). The latter is found in sandy prairies (including cemeteries)--the key for caroliniana is sandy soil.

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I so so so want to come, but I've got plans for this weekend already. So, you'll need to go ahead and observe everything that I would have observed if I were there. ;)

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Oh, this sounds fun, but I already have plans for Saturday. Another time!

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I also have plans this weekend, but keep your eyes open for A. kimberliei while you are out there. ;) I went to a prairie yesterday that underwent a controlled burn in November. It was UH-mazing to see all of the berlandieri in bloom and practically nothing else. Have fun!

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Unfortunately a bit far for me currently, but thanks for the invite.

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Thanks so much for the tag! I'd love to check it out, but I won't be able to make it Saturday.

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Thanks for the invite Dr. Pfau but I will not be able to make it.

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The Lake Alan Henry wildlife area is a spectacular place. Spent a lovely afternoon with @kayakqueen and @amzapp looking for Anemones--and we found quite a few!

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