2024 bioblitz planning

If anyone is already planning events for 2024, please let me know and I'll compile them here.

This Google map documents past, planned, and potential bioblitz locations:

Date(s) to avoid:

  • Apr 26-29: City Nature Challenge
  • Oct 24-27: Texas Master Naturalist conference

In the queue as potential locations pending discussion with property managers:

Events in DFW area for winter/spring:

TPWD Texas Nature Trackers is planning several public bioblitz events - Facebook

  • Apr 6: Post Oak Preserve in southeast Dallas
  • 7-9 June: Caddo Lake WMA (kayak or canoe encouraged)
  • Early October: Devil's River SNA in Val Verde County (limited)

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Thanks Russell! Will try to be present in 2024.

Publicado por mikef451 hace 4 meses

Looking forward to much nature with friends in 2024!

Publicado por jcochran706 hace 4 meses

Appreciate the continued invites even though I haven't been able to make it out to any of the ones in your area :) I hope to have some more time to get away from Austin in 2024.

Publicado por jgw_atx hace 4 meses

Thanks Russell for putting these together! So looking forward to get together with iNatters again.

Publicado por annikaml hace 4 meses

I don’t have dates yet, but I’m going to the limestone prairies at Benbrook Lake in late March looking for Erythronium albidum, Asclepias engelmanniana, Ophioglossum engelmannii, Vesper macrorhizus, Escobaria missouriensis, Camassia scilloides, Pediomelum spp., Scutellaria spp., Astragalus spp., and whatever else I can observe. I haven’t put a date on it, but was looking at either March 23, 24, 30, or 31.

Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

Thanks Russell for starting this post. I was just considering checking with the other iNatters at Indian Creek Ranch if they want to try to organize another BioBlitz at the ranch. We've had more rain this fall and are expecting more in December so there could be lots of activity. I was thinking of a mid-April timing. Maybe weekend or two before the City Nature Challenge.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses

@bacchusrock, I was actually going to ask if you could host another event at Indian Creek (during a less parched spring). I think two weekends prior to City Nature Challenge (the weekend before would be too close I think).

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace 4 meses

Another Indian Creek event would be great!

Publicado por annikaml hace 4 meses


Publicado por centratex hace 4 meses

Let's plan for the weekend of April 13-14 at ICR. I don't see any reason why it can't go ahead.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses

I am adding my fellow ICR iNatters to this post so they are aware. @textileranger @pbynum @swissagnes

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses
Publicado por bosqueaaron hace 4 meses

It's a good time to start planning! Master Naturalist Annual Meeting is Oct 24-27, 2024.

Publicado por kimberlietx hace 4 meses

Following this closely!!! My silly calendar is already filling up fast, so as dates are added, I'll try my best to make some of these this year! :)

Publicado por sambiology hace 4 meses


Publicado por rymcdaniel hace 4 meses


Publicado por k8thegr8 hace 4 meses

Following as well. :)

Publicado por elytrid hace 4 meses

I would be interested in attending. Thanks for sharing.

Publicado por jeff_back hace 4 meses

That Devil's River trip looks interesting. Has anyone made that drive? The state parks website has the following vehicle recommendation:
"High-clearance vehicles with 8-ply rating minimum (to minimize flats and blowouts)". So I have been reluctant to try my luck getting there in the past.

Publicado por rymcdaniel hace 4 meses

I drove my van there. It was so shaken up that a battery cable came loose. It was extremely rough going. =)

Publicado por k8thegr8 hace 4 meses

I just created a journal post for the ICR BioBlitz (https://www.inaturalist.org/journal/bacchusrock/87950-bioblitz-at-indian-creek-ranch-april-12-14-2024). I have also reached out to the landowners to start gathering permissions. Even if no landowners other respond, we will have 750 acres to explore, much of which we didn't explore in 2022.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses

I also appreciate the continued invites even though I have not been able to attend yet. My goal this year is to attend as many as I can.....except in the summer!

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 meses

@observerjosh, I am interested in the limestone prairies! Looking forward to a firm date!

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 meses

@lulubelle I’m trying to coordinate with our local chapter of NPAT for bioblitzes at Benbrook Lake and Walsh Ranch to try to maximize participation but will likely do at least one more apart from NPAT at Benbrook Lake (which is pretty close to me) this spring. @katermorgan is working out some scheduling, and I’ll adjust my schedule accordingly, but I’ll be sure to let you know!

Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

I'd like to get on the books and invite everyone for a Moth Week event at the quarry land here in Clifton. We'll shoot for Friday, July 26. We can start around 4pm and roam around before dark. Facilities are remote and there's no camping, so everyone will have to drive in and out or make their own accommodations. There are a few electrical outlets.

Publicado por bosqueaaron hace 4 meses

There is a 70 acres farm in Wood County that they are converting back to prairie. The owner is very welcoming, and very positive to us having bioblitzes out there. I will see when there is a weekend this spring when we don't have anything else planned, and that works for them, too. I will get back with possible dates when I have talked to Julie Mattox.

Publicado por annikaml hace 4 meses

The manager of Riverby Ranch (NE of Dallas) has asked us to come back also--spring would be nice since we were there in the fall last time. Either this spring or next year.

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace 4 meses

@sambiology @observerjosh @pfau_tarleton @lulubelle @squaylei2000 @troutlily57 @mustardlypig Ok the Walsh Ranch Pocket Prairie BioBlitz is scheduled for April 27. It is in the DFW area so will count towards the CNC BioBlitz. This is a very small, rugged limestone prairie that has apparently never been plowed - also never inventoried. It's in the middle of the Walsh Ranch development in Parker County. In the few minutes we had on this prairie, we found S. albiflorum, P. virginica, S. texana, O. macrocarpa, D. tagetoides and G. lanceolata. I am asking those of you with a particular interest in Fort Worth limestone prairies to help if you can. Details will follow as I get them worked out.

Publicado por katermorgan hace 4 meses

@katermorgan, I will make sure I have that day off!

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 meses

@sambiology @observerjosh @pfau_tarleton @lulubelle @squaylei2000 @troutlily57 @mustardlypig

I’m excited to help inventory the Walsh Ranch bioblitz during the CNC. In addition, here’s another date to add to the bioblitz calendar:

Saturday March 23 at Benbrook Lake Richardson Tract limestone prairie. The details are still being worked out, but we’ll start with a brief training and overview, then split off with some taking more of a tour of the prairies while others (like myself) will split off to observe as many and diverse observations as possible. I’m hoping to get some blooming trout lilies near the shoreline and many of the early spring bloomers in the prairies.

Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

I’m also going to add a late spring bioblitz at the Richardson tract prairie, but I’ll wait until the rest of the bioblitz calendar gets populated and work around it. I’m shooting for late May or early June.

Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

@joeysantore I know you enjoy inventory and observation of diverse and habitats. If you’re up in Northern Texas you might want to check out some of these events; more events will be added as we continue to plan.

Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

@pfau_tarleton - Here’s a map showing the approximate location of the Benbrook Lake Richardson Tract limestone prairie if you'd like to include it with the detail above:


Publicado por observerjosh hace 4 meses

@katermorgan Unfortunately the Fort Worth Audubon spring bird count is scheduled for April 27th. I will see if I can find someone to cover my count area so I can help with Walsh Ranch.

Publicado por troutlily57 hace 4 meses

@observerjosh I have March 23rd on my calendar!

Publicado por troutlily57 hace 4 meses

Excited to attend some of these. Thank you for centralizing the information! Hoping Indian Creek Ranch comes together.

Publicado por ldennis hace 4 meses

ICR is a go ...

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses

Is ICR drivable by car or does one really need a 4 wheel drive?

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 meses

@bacchusrock can provide further info. I know the main road to the hangar was passable by car last time as Sam had his vehicle there. It sounds like the event may be headquartered at a different spot this year though. There was a map of potentially difficult roads last time, and i do know that there were some roads I did not even feel comfortable on with my Subaru, but probably still plenty to look at along the better roads.

Publicado por rymcdaniel hace 4 meses

For me I thought ICR was mostly drivable in Subaru Outback. There were some steep hills in succession that I finally decided not to temp fate. The roads were in pretty good shape.

Publicado por mikef451 hace 4 meses

I will probably skip ICR, then. Thnx.

Publicado por lulubelle hace 4 meses

Overall, with normal clearance, you can drive the roads at ICR to most of the properties that are granting access. I am comfortable driving my Toyota RAV4 to anywhere you would need to go. You can also hop a ride with someone else once you get to where we are camping. It is a steep climb for a very short stretch to where we will be based in April, but last time everyone was able to navigate it in their vehicles when they came to my property. There was a crazy birder last year that visited me in a Mustang convertible (@gcwarbler, you know this person). The worst roads are deep into the southern part of the ranch. We will be headquartered in the the northern part.

Publicado por bacchusrock hace 4 meses

@zdufran Lots of mothing opportunities at these, Zach!

Publicado por jcochran706 hace 3 meses

Cool! I would love to join you all for one or more of these events if the schedule works out for me.

Publicado por zdufran hace 3 meses

following for Caddo and the independce creek

Publicado por williampaulwhite17 hace 3 meses

Following for surveys in DFW area,

Publicado por scarletskylight hace alrededor de 2 meses
Publicado por centratex hace alrededor de 2 meses

Benbrook Lake Richardson Tract Prairie Bioblitz

The bioblitz at the Benbrook Lake Richardson Tract Prairie will be this Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. I included a link below to the NPAT information page where you can register (not required, but useful for sharing info about the event) and a link to the gravel parking lot at the trailhead. If the parking lot is full, there is another gravel lot a few hundred feet to the north that is walkable. Many plants are 2-3 weeks ahead of average for this time of year due to our mild winter and well-spaced rain.

The weather should start out cool and warm up throughout the day, and the forecast is for clear, sunny skies. You may want to wear layers to shed as it warms up, and if you plan on venturing into the surrounding scrub/forest you probably should wear long sleeves to protect from honey mesquite and greenbriar thorns.

NPAT Info Page: https://texasprairie.org/prairie-bioblitz-sid-richardson-tract-benbrook-lakeled-by-josh-quiring-usace/
Parking Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/S9ggDt2hHGhkfN139

Please consider donating time or money to NPAT who helps organize many of these events and are vocal advocates for protecting and preserving our disappearing prairies.

DISCLAIMER: I am helping to organize this event as a volunteer, not as an employee or representative of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or U.S. Government.

Publicado por observerjosh hace alrededor de 1 mes

These look fun! I'd be interested in attending some if it's cool. I plan on being at Benbrook lake

Publicado por chandlerdavis hace alrededor de 1 mes

@chandlerdavis I’m looking forward to meeting you at Benbrook! Please be aware that some of the events require people to sign up since they’re on private property and/or have very limited parking. Benbrook should have enough parking at the site or the other gravel lot to the north. Here’s an iNat project with the approximate location of the prairie. https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/ftw-prairie-park

Publicado por observerjosh hace alrededor de 1 mes

Thanks for the info! I signed up and will be there

Publicado por chandlerdavis hace alrededor de 1 mes

I will be at LLELA on Mar 30th and at Post Oak Preserve on the following Saturday Apr 6th.

Publicado por mikef451 hace 30 días

Thank you to all who helped participate in the Bioblitz at Benbrook Lake yesterday! I know many people are still uploading observations, but so far we’ve documented over 350 species including some unique or rare species for the area. Texas slimpods (Amsonia ciliata texana) were in a super bloom, and I’ve never seen them in such an abundance anywhere, ever! Take a look at the following link to see all the observations and species from the event yesterday.


Publicado por observerjosh hace 30 días

@observerjosh Thank you for organizing the bioblitz at Lake Benbrook ESA yesterday! The weather was perfect and so many knowledgeable observers fanned out across this beautiful prairie remnant. I've discovered a new passion - seeing this site through the observations of friends and colleagues, a splendid beginning to the spring bioblitz season!

Publicado por katermorgan hace 30 días

@katermorgan just posted details of the Walsh Ranch bioblitz (just west of Fort Worth): https://www.inaturalist.org/posts/91367

Although it's sad to see more prairie gobbled up by the inevitable suburban sprawl, I'm looking forward to helping the HOA of this new development appreciate and understand the biological diversity of the pocket prairies that will remain as part of their neighborhood.

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace 28 días

Hello!! We are hosting a BioBlitz in South East Dallas County April 6th from 8am - 8pm, and we will meet at 1600 Bowers Rd, Seagoville, TX 75159. This preserve contains one of the last stands of Post Oak Savannah in Dallas County. This preserve is underused and under surveyed. This is a taxa-wide BioBlitz, but we want to target Painted Buntings, Strecker's Chorus Frogs, Summer Tanager, Texas Blind Snake, Chuck-Will's Widow, Box Turtles, Prothonotary Warblers, and Coralroot orchids. Dallas County Parks and Open space and DISD STEM Environmental Education Center will be there, and you will have the opportunity to talk with them about continuing citizen science work on this property and other properties. Join us!!!! I will post any guided programs and events and hikes on the journal here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/post-oak-preserve-bioblitz-dfw

Publicado por wendelia hace 27 días

@wendelia do we need to sign up anywhere? I'd love to visit and would be so excited to see the coralroot orchid or blind snake!!!

Publicado por observerjosh hace 27 días

@observerjosh We have a sign up form but it is completely optional: https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPageV2.aspx?origin=NeoPortalPage&subpage=design&id=p_1keK1i7EeB7DIyZuOjX5ooh9898s1HlBMQ4TcagFpUNTQyN0swVU4wN1o0RFgyWkNYNU5USjI0SC4u . On the Project I posted in my previous comment, you can find the invite for the Slack channel for day-of chatter! I am hoping people can use this for "I found the coralroots!!!!" or similar :)

Publicado por wendelia hace 27 días

Details for the early June Caddo Lake Bioblitz: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/caddo-lake-bioblitz. Jun 8 & 9th across the Caddo Lake WMA, State Park, and National Wildlife Refuge.

Publicado por wendelia hace 11 días

@mikag This is where I learn about such events. May try to get my family to Caddo Lake...

Publicado por mikef451 hace 10 días

Just in case folks miss seeing the journal link to the Caddo Lake bioblitz, here it is: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/caddo-lake-bioblitz/journal (I added it at the top also).

Publicado por pfau_tarleton hace 8 días

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