The year of the Anemone (windflowers)?

Due to the wetter weather across parts of Texas, this late winter/early spring may shape up to be a really good Anemone year.

Already, we've got:
--a new iNat county record
--some plants that look "different"--outside the range of typical appearances
--and the the three species on top of Lover's Leap in Junction, TX have already been documented--all three in bloom. I'll be going there this coming weekend to check them out--this is the only known location where three species can be found in sympatry (although separated a bit by microclimate).

Guide to TX Anemones:

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@bacchusrock, Anemone tuberosa var texana (aka. Anemone okennonii) have been collected in Edwards County along Hwy 377 SW of Rockspring. Somewhere near here:'18.1%22N+100%C2%B031'00.7%22W/@29.9883585,-100.518795,929m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d29.988355!4d-100.516866?entry=ttu

I'd be really surprised if they're not at Independence Creek. They'll be found in more open, sunnier areas than typical for edwardsiana.

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thanks for the heads up. I'll be heading out to check what I can find.

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Thanks for the heads up. I will look for them in open, sunny areas that are not in the rocky areas. Looks like the bracts are quite distinctive. I'll be sure to take good pictures and let you know if I find any.

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Not having seen Anemone caroliniana until this year, I never gave it much thought. Imagine my surprise to find out that it is actually quite rare in the Carolinas. The type (neotype) was only relatively recently assigned (2008), and is from Georgia, where it is also uncommon.

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