Charles F. Ladd Nature Preserve! Celebration!

42 acres in Duncanville are being preserved -- this is a wonderful thing!

So, what now? Well, we naturalists need to continue to go out to the land, tell our friends, tell strangers, go out to this place and continue to engage with nature! So far, around 1000 species have been documented (, but there are countless more out there to engage with.

If you find yourself out there, be sure to bring a little bag for any trash that you see! @mgram55 and many others have dedicated a LOT of time and energy to not just this advocacy for the land, but also the daily trash removal. It's a good thing to help out with this as we can!

I predict more developments coming out of all of this (trails, foundation of a 'friends' group, bioblitzes, other nature events), so I'll be posting updates as I hear them! In the meantime, celebrate this good news!!! :)

Publicado el 22 de julio de 2023 16:21 por sambiology sambiology


That's so great to hear!

Publicado por karen762 hace 4 meses

Great news! Thank you for your continued push for DFW to save some of our wild spaces.

Publicado por sandrahorton hace 4 meses

Thanks for all you have done to help, Sam. The same thanks go to all those involved that worked hard to make this preserve a reality. Lots to be done but the land is finally protected.

Publicado por mgram55 hace 4 meses

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