This is not a creature of our planet. But I think it will be a great start to save the beautiful creatures Of our planet!
If you have to use a straw for you or your children or grandchildren, here is a great solution and also teaching your littles ones about protecting mother earth, for their future.
A stainless steal collapsible straw with a pipe cleaner to clean it and it comes in a hard pouch to keep it handy and clean.
( I am not sure if steal leaches chromium, iron or nickel into what you are drinking/eating if you are using other beverages, other than water as in alkaline or acidic beverages with the straw) I just like the fact it is not plastic in the environment..
You can also purchase Stainless Steal Straws cheap on line, that do not collapse.
We all need to start somewhere if we want to help preserve our environment.
No, I am not a saleswoman! I am someone who loves all life on this planet big and small, always looking and reading to help better myself and my planet.
Also to keep in mind, when purchasing a water bottle, make sure the stainless steal is real. Some are coated with a plastic inside the bottle. Though it says, "STAINLESS STEAL".
Glass water bottles are another great option! I use glass when out hiking, camping, and photographing nature. At home as well.

  • - Website:
    - Also, Amazon sells some similar, but cheaper.
    My son bought me some with silicone colored tips you can put on the tips to distinguish who's straw it is. I told him about these straws that I was going to order on-line.

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